Who we are


Boötes is a multidisciplinary design and manufacturing company specializing in the delivery of quality decorative lighting fixtures globally to professionals and private customers in Architecture & Design. Boötes provides lighting design, manufacturing, delivery, and design consultation.

From Vejle, Denmark, we are launching an innovative concept of LED lamps, where the best of led technology is supported by ethical and Eco friendly design. We offer people more than beautifully hand crafted lamps, we offer a very needed connection with nature, and a remarkable light experience, through the use of natural materials. The combination of natural stone and wood allow for a unique tactile contact, while the light reveals the natural colors of the environment, conferring a pleasant atmosphere.

Why choose us

Our products are designed to improve life. Not only maintenance free and beautifully crafted, through our products we want to give back to our planet, more then we take. For each product we sell, a percentage of our profits will be used to plant trees and bring toys to children. We create experiences rather than objects, and we want to do this by having a positive impact on our environment. We achieve this by making long lasting products of highest quality. We bound ourselves to ''do'' Corporate Social Responsibility rather than have one.

Our Vision

We are bringing the best of the lighting industry into environments where people join together in harmony and where they’re enabled to reach closer to their human, natural state. Our aim is to bring the best, most natural light indoors after sunset.

Our values


Simple is really not a starting point … it is a result. It's a result of refinement, where we came to eliminate all unnecessary elements, and live the form and materials as unaltered as possible. Light and Simple.


When we describe the world around us we tend to look at opposites. Contrast makes everything more interesting and clearer to understand. Where opposites come together, do not subtract from each other or describe each other’s weaknesses, but compliment and enhance each other’s strengths.

Soft and hard, warm and cold, classic and modern, organic and crafted. Light and Heavy.


We like to keep things natural, as close as possible to the raw, natural state. We use materials unvarnished, unpolished, true to their origins. Wood, stone, and metal. Radically different materials blend perfectly together taking on the challenge of balancing something equally different yet natural:Light and Darkness.


We believe in balancing the handmade process with the highest technological features in harmony. Industrial production methods complement craftsmanship, traditional manufacturing in a supportive way. We make each of our products; behind every product are the hands of a person.

The light we share.