Experience nature.

Our products are more then everyday objects, they are designed to offer an unique experience.

Through our products you experience nature and the fulfillment of natural longing, in the palm of your hand, before your eyes

Our products are designed to improve life. We only design and manufacture objects worth time. We want to give back to our planet more than we take. From each product we sell, a percentage of our profits will be used to plant trees and bring toys to children. We create experiences rather than objects, and we want to do this by having a positive impact on our environment by making long-lasting products of highest quality.

From Vejle in Denmark we are launching a innovative concept of LED lamps where the best of led technology is supported by ethical, eco-friendly design. Using natural materials, we offer our customers more than handcrafted lamps -, we offer a connection with nature, and an incredible light experience. The combination of natural stone and wood allow for a unique tactile contact, while the light reveals true natural colors and an atmosphere of wellbeing.