Our lamps

Simple seems like a wonderful starting point.

From Vejle, Denmark, we are launching an innovative concept of LED lamps, where the best of LED technology is supported by ethical and eco-friendly design. We offer people beautifully handcrafted lamps, a connection with nature, and a remarkable light experience, through the use of natural materials and outstanding light quality. The combination of natural stone and wood allow for a unique tactile contact, while the light reveals the true natural, clear colors of the environment, conferring a cozy atmosphere.

Our design is minimal, capturing the essence of the North yet with complementing contrasts. Wood is a constant in all the designs supplemented by the coolness of rock or the preciously engraved logo on the metal details. You can choose from White Oak, Smoked Oak, Wenge’, Teak, Pine or Hard Maple. We make each lampshade of different wood veneer types, or in different wood-stone/marble combination. We choose veneer instead of massive wood as it maximizes the natural resources used in the manufacturing process. 

The collection features two diameters of lampshade - Ø90 and Ø128 mm on different heights. Each lamp offers two viewing angles, which defines how large or small the lit area is. When you order, you can choose your preferred beam; the warm yet crisp light will offer you a spectacular experience. The high CRI (Color Rendering Index), defines the colors of the objects surrounding you, unaltered and natural. In a home, a retail or hospitality environment, our light will reveal the world at its best. A high CRI of the light is scientifically proven to provide a state of personal well being.

All of our lamps, are fitted with the best COB LED's available on the market, they are powered by a dimmable ballast and are guaranteed to last at least 50.000 hours. Further technical specifications can be downloaded on our shop page. 

Our pendants are CE certified, IP20 and come with a three-year warranty. Standard delivery time is three to six weeks. For larger orders, we can find custom solutions together.