WoodFriends are a faded memory of the beloved toys we treasured in our childhood, a favorite cartoon character, an amazing book hero. Now, WoodFriends are the toy you can share with your children. You can paint them together, personalize them, or simply adore them as they are. Hold nature in the palm of your hand. 

WoodFriends are a part of nature that you can bring on your trips or display by your desk. WoodFriends will age with time and get a beautiful patina with use. They will carry the memory of those that touched them anywhere, anytime.

Manufactured through a combination of innovative technology and hand finishing, WoodFriends are made of materials provided by FSC certified suppliers. We carve each piece by a CNC machine and then finish them by hand. Lastly, they receive a coating of cold-pressed linseed oil that prevents the wood from cracking, but keeps the surface texture unchanged. This oil is food safe and has no smell or taste.

The moments we share.