All of our lamps, are fitted with the best COB LED's available on the market, they are powered by a dimmable ballast and are guaranteed to last at least 50.000 hours. Further technical specifications can be downloaded on our shop page. Our pendants are CE certified, IP20 and come with a three-year warranty. Standard delivery time is three weeks. For larger orders, we can find custom solutions together. Free shipping for orders over 500 dkk. Discounts are offered for orders over 750 dkk on WoodFriends, and over 5000 dkk on our Lamp collection. Discounts are visible before in your shopping cart, before check out. All lamps can be customized to your desires, you can choose light beam angles, material combinations and so on. Please contact us with your inquiries.

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After purchasing our first Boötes lamp, the atmosphere in our reading corner changed, it became embracing and cozy. We love it :)
Suzane B, Horsens