New friends

We have worked on this little guys for quite a while now.

Inspired by our children's toys, they sort of grew onto a whole collection of ten adorable friends.

WoodenFriends ar what we remember of our childhood pets, our encounter in the parc, or even forest, at our grandparents house in the country side, or maybe our sleeping buddy that we long forgotten. 

We started working on the ''Kanin'', Rabbit in Danish. Then we felt he was kind of lonely and we made Kat, our cat. From there, their story wrote itself. It's part of our Boötes collection because it is about sharing, through touch, we are connected. And that connection is carried through the surface, the texture of WoodenFriends. They carry our moments that we share when we pass them from one to another, the smiles and laughter of our children, or our friends.


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