Components, parts, and more components

This year it was quite intense, with a lot of debates on our components. In the end, we choose the best we could find and made our own.

It was intense in many ways, with suppliers dropping out in the last moment, or some not delivering at all.

Intensity. We can define intensity as a powerful emotion. In both positive or negative sense. We are focused on the positive, because it translates into excitement, into chiseled patience even resilience.

We designed our own platform for developing a wide area of design, based on fewer components. We had to do this because we are using a LED technology aimed at industrial consumers. Existing components that would work with our core components are large and meant to be hidden.So we  designed and manufactured our own parts, that could bring the best of lighting technology into residential, hospitality and commercial spaces. We target design savvy customers, environmental conscious that seek quality and timeless aesthetics.

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